WOD 3/20/12

Deadlift – Find your 1 rep max




Double Unders



Cash Out: 3 sets of 10 on GHD back extensions. Rest 1-2 minutes between sets. Partner Hamstring stretch after.


Coaches note: You can probably deadlift more weight incorrectly than you can correctly. Too many times we see athletes sacrificing form for a bigger weight, especially on deadlift. Keep your form first, worry about weight second. Wear a weight belt to reinforce your midsection and to help keep your back straight.


Mark Rippetoe – Deadlift Anatomy

Mark Rippetoe – Deadlift Alignment Pt 1

Mark Rippetoe – Deadlift Alignment Pt 2


The last workout of the CrossFit Open is this week. We will be holding the workout at 7:45pm Friday evening here at CFB. RSVP for the event at our facebook event page. Anyone can participate in the workout whether they scale it or not. We welcome all to come watch and afterwards we will have a party at CFB to celebrate so bring your food and beverages!

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