We will miss you Jon!

WOD 6/15/12

Run 800M for time.

*The AMRAP will start exactly 8 minutes after the start of the run.

8 minute AMRAP of:

10 Push Press @ 115/75# (no racks)
20 Perfectly Vertical KBS @ 24/16kg
30 Double-Unders

*Rest 4 minutes.

Run 800m for time.


If you plan on competing this weekend you need to be at CFB no later than 8:30am. Judges and Volunteers need to arrive by 7:45am. Everything should be finished around 2 or 3pm. We still need a few more judges and volunteers so if you’re able to help please email [email protected] Thanks!


We will be having an after party at CFB but we won’t start until later that evening.

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  • Jon

    New WOD:
    Jonny gotta go
    5 minute Amsap (as much stuff as possible)
    in 5 min move as much stuff as possible from Jonson apt to his uhaul

  • Garret

    Wish I was there to help you bud and throw back a few. . . I’m stuck at work. Gonna miss ya’ bro. Take care

  • Neal

    Jon, I hate that workout. But best of luck in WV

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