WOD 4/10/13

Snatch – 12 minutes to find a 1 rep max. If you need to work on mechanics stay at a lighter weight.


With A Partner For Time:

50 Burpees

50 Pull-Ups

50 Thrusters (96/65)

50 Push-Ups

50 DB Hang Squat Cleans (45/30)

50 Toes To Bar (sub V-Ups if needed)


One partner works through the 50 while the other runs 200m. When partner returns from the run switch off and pick up on the reps where they left off. You must accumulate 50 reps of each movement as a team, NOT INDIVIDUALLY.

CrossFit Lumberton is hosting their first competition on April 27th. You can read more here. Spots will fill up quickly so if you would like to compete you better sign up quick!

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