Chris and Matt Who?


Where's your pink shirt Jeremy?

 WOD 10/7/11

Shoulder to Overhead – Find your 1 Rep Max (from the front or the back)


As Fast As Possible:

800m Run

10 Ground to Overhead (185/135)

30 Burpees

50 Double Unders


The UFC Fan Expo is in Houston this weekend and part of the event is a CrossFit Competition. Current fittest man and woman on Earth will be there, Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdotter. Other big names are Mikko Salo, Kris Klever, Chris Spealler, Matt Chan, Lindsey Smith, Tanya Wagner, and Spencer Hendel (just to name a few). These guys are the fittest of the fit so come out and meet them! Myself & Stefan from CFMC will be there so come out and join us for the fun.

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