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Check out the posters in the office for a visual breakdown of the Olympic Lifts

 WOD 1/10/12

Squat Clean – Find your one rep max

Then Complete 5 Heavy Singles (90-95% of max)


AMRAP in 11 minutes:

3 reps of 1 Squat clean & 2 Front Squats (use 70% of  squat clean max)*

10 Alternating Dumbbell Press  (5 per arm 45/30)**

10 Toes To Bar


* Do the squat clean and without removing the bar from the rack complete 2 front squats – Scale to dumbbells if you’re unable to rack a barbell

** Both Dumbbells are at shoulder level but you will press one arm while the other remains at shoulder level. Raise the other arm as the first is lowered.

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