And The Winners Are…

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August 31 marked the end of our two month Paleo Challenge. We had a lot of athletes make great progress but there were three that really stood out. During the past two months these athletes worked hard, stayed committed to Paleo Nutrition, and made some big gains in their athletic performance.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Even if you didn’t win you’ve become a better athlete through all of this. Remember, the judging requirements were only between July 1 and August 31; so although we’ve had many athletes make some drastic changes this challenge was to see who could make the most gains in the last two months. Congratulations to Heather Williams, Jay Odom, and Kara Anderson; each of whom will be taking home $200 in cash! But more importantly they’ve made a commitment to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Heather Williams

Weight Lost – 18lbs

Inches Lost – 5.5”

Jay Odom

Weight Lost – 17lbs

Inches Lost – 2”

Kara Anderson

Weight Lost – 17lbs

Inches Lost – 4”

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